Why Us

The patient's enjoy the bliss of getting into some of the unique therapies which makes them completely rejuvenated. The Ayurveda physicians, are capable and well-experienced for various ayurveda treatments

Who Are We

The ayurveda therapies being done at Yerukalapudi are precisely planned as per the dosha, hence always guaranteeing the finest healing effects and this has become quite noticeable for more patients to get inducted into.

Our Specialities

We believe that a good health is an indication that your body is in sync with the environment and the illness becomes a sort of imbalance which needs to be rectified in order to again come back to normalcy and re-sync with the same hormony again.

This has been the thought and philosophy with Yerukalapudi Hospital right from the very inception of initiating the vyadhi nivarana (or the eradication of diseases or illness)

Neurological Problems


Brain Disorders


Maternity and Child Problems


Abdominal Problems


Cerebral Palsy (CP)


Spinal Disorders

Our Doctors

DR. Chandu Sunil Kumar

BAMS, MD(Ay), M.Sc.(Psy)

DR. Chandu Sravanya

BAMS, M.Sc.(Psy)

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